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Terms of Use of the Portal www.barosz.pl and www.cnc.barosz.pl


1. General regulations
2. Services provided electronically
3. Rules for using the portal
4. Principles of liability
5. Copyrights and related rights
6. Complaint procedure
7. Final provisions

Art. 1
General regulations

1.1. The present Regulations define:
1.1.1. the most important principles of functioning for the website www.sgb.barosz.pl;
1.1.2. the terms of use of the functionalities offered through the website;
1.1.3. the main principles of liability;
1.1.4. the operation of copyrights and related legislation;
1.1.5. the procedure for reporting problems.
1.2. The terms used in the Regulations should be understood as follows:
1.2.1. Portal – the website URL: www.sbg.barosz.pl
1.2.2. Administrator – the entity managing the operation of the Portal, who decides on its functionality and development, i.e. System – Barosz Gwimet Sp. z o.o., ul. Marklowicka 7,
44-300 Wodzisław Śląski, NIP: 6342298164 (System – Barosz Gwimet Sp. z o.o.,, 7, Marklowicka St., 44-300 Wodzisław Śląski, VAT: 6342298164)
1.2.3. User – every person who uses the portal and the functionalities offered through it;
1.2.4. Partner – an entity cooperating with the Portal (e.g. in terms of providing users with specific content);
1.2.5. Consumer – a physical body who performs a legal action not directly related to their business or professional activity.

Art. 2
Services provided electronically

2.1. The Portal offers the following functionalities which can be accessed electronically: Contact Form, Newsletter.
2.2. All those services are free of charge. The User has the right to resign from the services at any time at no costs.
2.3. The Contact Form service is used to facilitate communication between the User and the Administrator.
2.4. Within the Newsletter service the User may agree to receive periodic information to the provided e-mail address.

Art. 3
Rules for using the portal

3.1. The use of the Portal is free of charge, unless explicitly stated otherwise in relation to a given service or function.
3.2. The Portal publishes information and advertising contents.
3.3. The advertising contents published on the Portal will be proprietary or provided by the Partners.
3.4. Users has the right to access the content in a place and time chosen by them. In order to secure proper use of the Portal, the following are required:
3.4.1. Internet connection,
3.4.2. web browser: Google Chrome version 64 or higher, Mozilla Firefox version 58 or higher, Opera version 51 or higher, Microsoft Edge version 41 or higher, Safari version 11 or higher,
3.5. an active and properly configured e-mail account,
3.6. handling cookies enabled in the browser,
3.7. JavaScript support enabled,
3.8. iOS (version 10.0 or newer) or Android (version 6.0 or newer) operating system installed when using the Online Store via a mobile device (such as a smartphone or a tablet).
3.9. Every User has the option to voluntarily sign up for a Newsletter created by the Administrator. To sign up, the User must provide a valid e-mail address.

Art. 4
Principles of liability

4.1. The User should use the Portal in accordance with its intended purpose.
4.2. The User is liable for compliance with the rules set out in the present Regulations.
4.3. The User should refrain from providing illegal content.
4.4. The User should particularly refrain from:
4.4.1. promoting radical views and behaviours, in particular those of discriminating nature (regardless of the reason for discrimination);
4.4.2. posting vulgar content (in the common sense of this word);
4.4.3. taking actions contrary to social norms and good manners;
4.4.4. publishing statements inciting or encouraging the consumption of alcohol, drugs, tobacco or other similar substances;
4.4.5. publishing content violating other people’s personal rights (including images of third parties);
4.4.6. undertaking any advertising (or other related) activities without the Administrator’s prior consent;
4.4.7. testing the Portal in terms of its technical and IT security without the Administrator’s prior consent;;
4.4.8. embedding links to websites that violate the rules laid out in this section.
4.5. Using the Portal, the User should respect current regulations on copyrights and intellectual property.
4.6. In the event of violation of the rules set out in this section, the User may be held liable both on criminal and civil grounds. In particular, the User may be liable for violation of the rights, goods or freedoms of third parties.
4.7. The Administrator shall make every possible effort to ensure that the use of the Portal is safe. However, the Administrator cannot be held accountable for any possible risks that are specific to the use of the Internet (such as malware, criminal activities of third parties, etc.)
4.8. The Administrator will prevent access to illegal content:
4.8.1. after receiving a formal notice
4.8.2. after receiving reliable information regarding the issue.
4.9. For this reason, information on any abuse or violation of the Regulations should be directed to the Administrator. Please send information to the e-mail: sekretariat@barosz.pl

Art. 5
Copyrights and related rights

5.1. The contents of the Portal (especially pieces of work, trademarks, databases) are subject to legal protection. The protection results from generally applicable legal regulations, including:
5.1.1. the Copyright Act and the Act on Related Rights;
5.1.2. the Act on Industrial Property;
5.1.3. the Act on Database Protection;
5.1.4. the Unfair Competition Suppression Act.
5.2. The Administrator or their Partners are respectively entitled to the above-mentioned rights.
5.3. The mere fact of using the Portal does not transfer to the Users any rights or licenses for the content covered by legal protection.

Art. 6
Complaints procedure

6.1. Every User has the right to lodge a complaint regarding the functioning of the Portal.
6.2. We advise that complaints be sent to the e-mail:
6.3. In order to improve the processing of complaints, we recommend that they include:
6.3.1. details of the claimant;
6.3.2. description of the problem (time, frequency of occurrence, effects);
6.3.3. expected solution.
6.4. The Administrator will look into the complaint immediately, no later than 14 days from the date of its receipt.
6.5. Please, be advised that the User who is a Consumer has the option of using out-of-court forms of complaint examination and claim pursuit. The use of out-of-court forms of complaint examination and claim pursuit is voluntary.
6.6. The Consumer’s options of using out-of-court complaint examination and claim pursuit are as follow:
6.6.1. Initiation of mediation proceedings to resolve a dispute amicably. Information on the mediation procedure can be found in the offices and on the websites of respective Provincial Inspectorate of Trade Inspection
(Wojewódzki Inspektorat Inspekcji Handlowej);
6.6.2. Requesting a Permanent Consumer Arbitration Tribunal (Stały Polubowny Sąd Konsumencki) operating at the Provincial Inspectorate of Trade Inspection to settle the dispute;
6.6.3. Requesting free legal assistance from the municipal or district consumer advocate or social organization whose statutory tasks include consumer protection, including the Consumer Federation – website address:mwww.federacjakonsumentow.org.pl.
6.6.4. Detailed information concerning out-of-court forms of dispute settlement between the entrepreneur and the Consumer can be found on the website of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (Urząd Ochrony Konkurencji i Konsumentów) at http://www.uokik.gov.pl/spory_konsumenckie.php

Art. 7
Final provisions

7.1. Information concerning the protection of Users’ personal data is enclosed in the Privacy Policy document, which is available at: https://sbg.barosz.pl/polityka-prywatnosci/
7.2. The Regulations are available at all times on the Portal’s website.
7.3. Users will be notified about changes to the Regulations on the Portal’s websites.
7.4. Please send any questions, requests and comments concerning the functioning of the Portal to the e-mail address: sekretariat@barosz.pl