Steel Structures

We have been producing steel structures since 1984. Each element made by us is tailored to the needs of the client's investition.

Steel structures production

The company possess a design office, processing plant, assembly department, our own transport and construction equipment. With us, you will lead the production of structures from beginning to end. We prefabricate tanks, containers, chutes, jigs, mining winches and a lot more.

Welding of steel structures

Our team has all the required allowances for welding steel structures. We produce gantries, road and rail poles, halls, masts, tanks and even transport conveyors.


The Electronic Toll Collection System on roads and motorways via TOLL is one of our largest and most important projects in the BAROSZ group. You can encounter over 200 of our gantries on Polish roads.

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Quality Guarantee

We offer speed, repeatability and production efficiency at the highest level


We specialize in serial, large-scale and mass production


A team of professionals and specialists approaches new challenges with passion and commitment

Care for the environment

We strive to ensure that our activities affect the natural environment to the least extend

Trust the power of precision

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