Automotive industry – not only car production

Toyota, Volkswagen, Honda, Ford – these brands are probably the first ones that most people think of when they hear the slogan “automotive”. No wonder. After all, they are one of the most recognizable tycoons who have managed to dominate the car market. However, if we want to have a complete picture of this extremely rich industry, we must be aware that it is not only production. What’s more, building a vehicle from scratch is rarely done only in a factory marked with the logo of a well-known brand. Let’s check what else can be included in the automotive sector and what the production really looks like in the automotive industry.

Types of activity in the automotive industry

As in many other industries, also in the automotive industry, all work begins with the concept. Therefore, the automotive industry also includes designing, testing, developing and implementing new technological solutions. All this, however, has a lot to do with craftsmanship and a lot of knowledge about building vehicles. Although there is no position in an automotive company that would forgive the lack of knowledge about the automotive industry, not everyone has to know how to assemble individual components. In addition to design and production, those who sell cars also work in the automotive sector. In addition to car dealers, you can also place marketers who support them, who make sure that the brand enjoys a good reputation. So in the automotive industry we have at least two types of stations that do not require contact with CNC machines and machine tools that produce car components.

Production for the automotive industry – how does it work?

When it comes to production for the automotive industry, it is worth bearing in mind that it does not take place exactly as someone unrelated to the industry might imagine. Typically, components are not manufactured in one place. This task is carried out by various subcontractors, so that more than half of the vehicle parts are manufactured outside the factory belonging to the car manufacturer of a given brand. So if we drive a Japanese Toyota, it may turn out that most of the car’s components were made outside Asia, and our Volkswagen was manufactured with German precision in the Poznań factory. Consequently, logistics plays an extremely important role in the automotive industry. Timely execution of orders by individual subcontractors is an extremely important factor thanks to which a given car brand can develop and launch its products on the market. Fortunately, there are many plants in the world and also in Poland that efficiently carry out the entrusted tasks and deliver components on time.

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