Production for the automotive industry – how is it developing in Poland?

Unfortunately, it cannot be said that the pandemic has benefited our national or even European economy. Although e-commerce flourished, the crisis affected many industries, including automotive. As for the production of car parts, the first large drops were recorded at the beginning of 2020, and then they deepened even more in the second quarter of 2021. Fortunately, the worst is over and now the future of the automotive industry in Poland looks rather positive. What is our share in the production for the automotive industry and why do we owe our relatively good position?

Automotive – Poland against the backdrop of Europe

When it comes to the production of automotive parts and components, Poland is one of the most intensively active European countries in this direction. According to data provided by the Central Statistical Office, as early as 2020, the automotive industry accounted for 10% of domestic processing and 12% of exports. Moreover, Poland can also boast a large number of educated engineers and students still studying technical faculties. Thanks to this, there are no problems when it comes to working hands. Therefore, one can count on rather positive forecasts when it comes to the automotive industry in our country. However, it should be taken into account that we will soon face the challenge of ceasing the production of internal combustion cars, because in 2035 a ban on their sale is to come into force.

CNC technology in the automotive industry – the driving force of development

The automotive sector is dynamically developing mainly due to modern technologies and high automation of production processes. Also in Poland, advanced CNC machines are used, which allow for precise and extremely effective production of elements used by car manufacturers. Thanks to numerically controlled devices, it is possible to meet the market demand for the necessary components relatively quickly. In the machine parks of Polish companies, intensive production of parts for drive and steering systems, suspension and many other is underway, which are then delivered to the car manufacturer.

Lean Management – intelligent management in production for the automotive industry

The ability to manage a company producing components for the automotive industry is also important. Polish production plants are often characterized by punctuality and a reliable approach to the tasks performed. When it comes to the management model, Barosz is inspired by the principles of Lean Management. It is this method of managing time, raw materials and employees that allows us to achieve very good results and reduce waste. Interestingly, this philosophy had its origins in the Japanese car industry, so it is even more worth being interested in it.

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