Production of parts for the automotive industry

Enterprises dealing with the production of vehicles cannot complain about the lack of work, so they are all the more willing to look for subcontractors who could relieve them to some extent. Probably no one expects that every single component of the car it moves was produced on the production line of a given brand. However, it may be surprising that sometimes as much as 80% of the vehicle is manufactured by external companies. Therefore, the question of who is involved in the production of parts for the automotive industry and what kind of methods it seems to be all the more important. Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

Production for the automotive industry in Poland

In recent years, production for the automotive industry in Poland accounted for approximately 11% of all production activities in our country. It is a large piece of the cake, which means that Poles actively participate in the development of the automotive industry. According to statistics, we most often produce car parts and accessories.

How is it done here, i.e. in a Polish production plant? We decide to work intensively, carefully and, above all, wisely. We have seen many times that it is worth being inspired by the methods of foreign enterprises, if they only increase our efficiency. A management philosophy that is particularly noteworthy is Lean Management, which has its roots in the Japanese automotive industry. This system allows you to reduce losses in many areas and fulfill the obligations even more efficiently.

Solutions for the automotive industry

The demand for car components is very large, and companies involved in production for the automotive industry often collect orders for components such as parts for drive systems, steering systems, suspension, as well as elements of braking and drive systems. Without details or components produced in production plants, it would be difficult to talk about a complete vehicle. Therefore, orders for the automotive industry should be carried out not only with the highest precision, but also taking into account previously agreed deadlines. After all, the production line of a thriving automotive company cannot afford to wait for the delivery of components. That is why advanced CNC technology is used to manufacture parts for the automotive industry. This is a great solution based on high production automation. CNC machines are programmed by a technologist who provides them with detailed instructions using a binary language. It is often supported by 2D or 3D models, which allow for even better planning of the movement of tools, thanks to the so-called CAM modules. Modern solutions of this type make it possible to use the possibilities of automation to the maximum and deliver ready-made products to automotive companies in a timely manner.

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