CNC machine tools – ensure their durability

Numerically controlled devices are technologically advanced machines, thanks to which you can achieve high efficiency and automate production processes. All this with minimal physical effort and human intervention, at least in terms of tools. However, many things still depend on the human factor. After all, it is the CNC machine operator who determines the paths along which drills, cutters or laser rays will move. He is also largely responsible for the condition of the equipment. By properly caring for the machine tools, you can extend their life and ensure their efficient operation. We advise on what to pay attention to.

CNC machines – how to care for them?

Each machine tool has slightly different specifics, so if we want to avoid failure, we must know how to operate it and, above all, do it in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Otherwise, we can not only damage the equipment, but also deprive ourselves of the right to use the free warranty service. In addition, the operator should undergo special training and have a good command of the programming language. Correct installation and adequate ventilation are also important. The frequency of cleaning the machine is as well significant. It is worth remembering that chips and various impurities can collect on various parts of the machine and hinder its subsequent operation. Therefore, regular cleaning can prevent possible malfunctions. It is advisable to remember to change the lubricant frequently.

Servicing CNC machine tools – how does it work?

Unfortunately, if we want to maintain the continuity of production, we must be prepared to replace worn parts from time to time. Maintenance and periodic inspections are crucial. What should take place during such a review? First of all, the replacement of filters, as well as the control of individual subassemblies of structural elements. The specifics of the activities will differ depending on the type of machine tool. In the case of a milling machine, for example, it may be necessary to clean and lubricate the sliding surfaces, spindle and guide screws. The service technician should prepare a report from each such inspection, thanks to which it will be possible to assess the condition of the machine tool. These activities are very important, because well-kept machines have a chance to serve many years and operate relatively flawlessly, and also have a significant impact on the quality of the processed parts. This is important for an entrepreneur who cares about his budget. The purchase of each such machine is a huge financial investment and replacing the damaged one with a new one would certainly not be a favourable option.

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