Steel structures and their second life – dismantling of the steel hall

Steel halls are facilities that have many advantages. Their construction is cheaper than in the case of masonry structures and also requires slightly less formalities. Above all, however, steel halls provide the entrepreneur with flexibility, as their construction is not slowed down by bad weather conditions. Moreover, it is also possible to dismantle such a structure, thanks to which it is possible to recover some of the funds allocated to such an investment. How to start dismantling?

Steel halls – how to disassemble such a structure?

Steel objects can differ from each other in many factors, some of which will affect the way in which the dismantling will be carried out. Depending on the type of connection or the method of embedding the structure, different tools or machines may be required for this purpose. Some of them can be disassembled by hand by simply unscrewing individual elements. In other cases, a torch is used to undercut them. Often, however, it is necessary to reach for slightly more expensive solutions, for example with the use of a tractor, which will tear the structure apart after it is overturned. Sometimes bulldozers, excavators or demolition machines adapted to cutting steel are also used. Sometimes the use of diamond blades or water lances is also required. The dismantling method is best chosen in consultation with a company that specializes in erecting steel structures. Many of these plants also deal with disassembly and thanks to experience and knowledge in the subject, they are able to indicate the most effective way.

Dismantling steel halls – what to remember?

Depending on what object is put into dismantling, it may be necessary to report this fact to the office. Therefore, we must remember to complete all formalities before we hand over the matter to professionals. Before starting work, you should also make sure that no utilities are connected to the facility. In particular, pay attention to the electrical installation. Next, we should take care of securing the disassembling site. Appropriate marking should protect bystanders from entering the place where the machines are working. What should happen after the disassembly process is completed? When our structure has already been knocked down and dismantled or cut, we can transport it, for example, to a scrap yard, where we will sell it. It is also worth remembering about cleaning works, which can be carried out by a company specially hired for this purpose.

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