CNC machining – learn the meaning of the abbreviation

In the process of metal processing, modern technologies are used today, which were not dreamed of by manual machine tool operators in the past. The specificity of work in the production hall is mostly understood by people who have experienced it themselves, but almost everyone is aware of certain things, for example, the progressive automation of processes. We owe enormous progress in this field to CNC technology. Many people have some idea of how microcomputer-controlled tools work, but to take a closer look at this issue, it’s worth considering the very name of this machining method.

CNC service – what does the name refer to?

First, you have to ask yourself what the abbreviation CNC means. The name of this technology is Computerized Numerical Control. Is such a translation adequate to the functions of the CNC machine? Absolutely, if we take into account how the whole process actually works. The tools that perform the machining work move thanks to microcomputers, controlled by specialized software. In this way, you can plan the work of milling machines, lathes, drills or lasers in order to obtain the desired end result and high repeatability. Human participation in most of these operations is unnecessary, thanks to automatic control systems and numerous sensors. This is why the risk of error is minimal, and the efficiency and repeatability of production is kept at a high level.

CNC programmers – what do they do?

The term CNC machines refers to those devices that are controlled by a computer, while CNC machining is the name of a process that uses this technology. However, is there no room for the human factor in these definitions? On the contrary, it is the CNC programmer who manages the machine park thanks to his abilities, knowledge and analytical work. The main tasks of such a specialist will consist in skilful planning of tool paths so that the element obtained after machining complies with the customer’s requirements, provided in the documentation. Then, 2D or 3D models turn out to be helpful, thanks to which it is easier to figure out what movements the tool should make. The next step is to give the machines the appropriate commands, using the programming language. Therefore, an amateur will not work in this position and it is required to hire a person with knowledge, spatial imagination and the ability to think logically.

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